KeyDenture Try-In™® 1 KG by KeyPrint

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By KeyPrint  

For detailed, quick, and easy denture try-ins

Uses and Advantages

  • Cost effective for try-in dentures
  • Exceptional surface quality
  • Easy to characterize
  • Polishes to high luster
  • Biocompatible medical device
  • Free of MMA, BPA, and phthalates
  • Shade : A1

KeyDenture Try-In™ takes the uncertainty out of the denture fitting process. Designed for precision and efficiency, KeyDenture Try-In is a photopolymer resin indicated for 3D printing of biocompatible, short-term trial dentures, intended for evaluation of fit, occlusion, esthetics, and phonetics during try-in appointments.




High Surface Quality

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