exocad ChairsideCAD

Powerful dental CAD software for clinicians

  • More automation, simplified user experience – optimized for use in a clinical environment.

  • The chairside workflow is easy to learn and optimized for clinical practice

  • First complete open-architecture CAD software platform for single-visit dentistry.
  • Easy to learn, and optimized for use in the practice, including a step-by step guide through the design process.
  • Based on the same proven technology as exocad’s "best-of-breed“ lab software, renowned for its reliability and robust features.
  • Creates highly esthetic proposals with minimal post processing.
  • Make the most of your intraoral scanner with Chairside CAD.
  • Thanks to open platform, a wide range of scanners, production systems, and materials are supported.
  • Offers you the highest flexibility, usability and performance for same-day restorations.
  • Powerful dental CAD software for use in a clinical environment.

Get the full control

With a workflow that suits your dental practice


Communicates with labs and any open hardware

  • Take your dental restorations to the next level with exocad’s ChairsideCAD – the best software solution for the same-day restorations in dental practice.
  • ChairsideCAD guides you through the whole process step-by-step and allows you to meet your patients’ demand for the same-day restorations.
  • Create reliable results in only few steps in your dental practice – no extensive training is necessary.



Compatible – supports a large number of intraoral scanners

Load your patient’s 3D scans easily into ChairsideCAD from many open intraoral scanners. Thanks to standard data formats, you have the freedom to choose and change your hardware based on your specific needs.

Versatile – wide range of indications for single-visit treatments

Design beautiful and functional dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, copings, veneers, inlays, onlays, pontics, provisionals and dental appliances.

User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode

Benefit from the intuitive, guided approach of ChairsideCAD that offers you maximum ease of use and consistent results. exocad’s proven wizard-based workflow guides you through every step of the CAD/CAM process.

Comprehensive – open library of production materials

Produce your dental restorations by accessing ChairsideCAD’s comprehensive, open library of materials from leading manufacturers such as 3M, GC, Shofu, Vita and many more. In addition, various generic blanks for hybrid ceramics, lithium silicates, lithium disilicates, and glass ceramics are available.

Free choice – seamless integration with 3rd party production equipment

Maximize your return on hardware investments with ChairsideCAD. Thanks to its open software architecture, all design data is exported in an STL file format. This allows you to manufacture your restorative designs on almost any open 3D printer or milling machine.

Expandable – add-on modules for supplementary features and indications

Expand your service offerings and generate more value with your business by upgrading ChairsideCAD with various add-on modules according to your and your patients’ needs.



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