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Highly automated and intuitive - take your practice to the next level

ChairsideCADis the first complete open-architecture CAD software platform for single-visit dentistry. The chairside workflow is highly automated, intuitive and optimized for practice use. Newcomers to CAD/CAM can benefit from wizard-guided workflows, while experts can select free design sequences for greater flexibility. WithChairsideCAD, creating automatic design proposals is simple. Instant Anatomic Morphing enables efficient adjustments: the anatomy of teeth automatically adjusts in real-time for dynamic occlusion. And AI-based detection of facial features makes smile design faster and more accurate.

Make the most of your intraoral scanner with ChairsideCAD.

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Highlights for ChairsideCAD 3.1 Rijeka

  • Improved case management, guided workflows and new 3D scan previews
  • Design 3/4/Overlay Crowns
  • Design restorations on stock abutments
  • Reuse anatomical designs for multiple jobs throughout the patient journey
  • Instant in-face visualization of designs withSmile Creator
Enhanced ease of use
  • Improved case management with a guided workflow and new 3D scan previews
  • Arrive at a desired tooth shape more quickly-now possible to easily customize abrasion and mimic natural abrasion in real time
  • Upgraded full-function articulator including new "in-skull" articulator allows you to consider dynamic occlusion when designing any restoration with occlusion

New 3/4 crown designs for producing Overlay Crowns

Wizard-guided workflows enable your customers to intuitively design 3/4 Overlay Crowns

Design restorations on stock abutments

Chairside CAD 3.1 Rijeka enables the design of restorations on stock abutments without needing to scan the metal abutment

Design smiles patients love
  • Instant in-face visualizations of the design with the Smile Creator add-on module helps clinicians engage with patients and increase treatment commitment
  • The Smile Window now provides real-time visualization of the result throughout the design process
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Communicates with labs and any open hardware

Take your dental restorations to the next level with exocad’s ChairsideCAD – the intuitive software solution for single-visit restorations in the dental practice. From smooth integration with several market-leading intraoral scanners to reliable, highly esthetic restorative designs, and in-house or outsourced manufacturing,ChairsideCAD  guides you through the whole process step-by-step. Meet your patients’ demand for single-visit restorations by taking maximum advantage of the streamlined, intuitive chairside workflow. Directly create reliable results in only few steps in your dental practice – no extensive training is necessary.

Compatible – supports a large number of intraoral scanners

Versatile – wide range of indications for single-visit treatments

User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode

Comprehensive – open library of production materials

Free choice – seamless integration with 3rd party production equipment

Expandable – add-on modules for supplementary features and indications

exocad DentalCad

Discoverexocadglobally renowned software solution for outstanding dental restoration designs – powered by passion, executed in excellence

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exocad CairsideCAD

Single visit restoration became easy.

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exocad exoplan

High-performance, user-friendly open software solution for your implant planning and surgical guide design

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