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Features & Benefits

  • No mixing / no mess
  • No wax products
  • Must have tool for pouring implants & appliance retained impressions!
  • Works with all laboratory, orthodontic and general dentistry applications
  • Works with any casting material, stone, silicone, and rubber-based products
  • Results in a superior quality mold while taking less than five minutes to complete

1. Remove approximately 10 ounces of the pre-mixed Wonderfill® and flatten out about one-half inch thick into an approximate 5 inch diameter base pad on a 5″ x 5″ plastic or glass base plate.

2. Insert tray with impression. The impression material can be of any type of product on the market today. Firmly press down the tray with impression material into the Wonderfill® base pad.

3. The Wonderformer is positioned similar to that of a cookie-cutter and then firmly pressed down. There is no need to feather the outer perimeter with wax beading or heated wax.

4. Peel away the excess material from around the outside perimeter of the Wonderformer. The excess can be used with the next casting.

5. Move the base plate to the vibrator and pour in the liquid cast material. The Wonderformer does not split open while the cast material cures.

6. When the casting material is cured, release the retaining clip on the Wonderformer and remove the finished mold.


Fastest, Easiest Way to Fabricate Box & Beaded Impressions

Remedy for unlatching oversized boxed impressions using the Wonderformer.

Using Wonderfill and Wonderformer for Implant Application