WONDERFILL / 1.13 kg

IC# -

Features & Benefits

  • Water-soluble & easy clean-up
  • No need to mix alginate filler
  • Eliminates grinding out stone from lower impressions
  • Holds up under heat when making heat-shrink retainers
  • Fills in bubbles, air pockets, missing teeth, & undercuts
  • Enhances the fit of appliances & bleaching trays
  • Excellent in creating a temporary dam when making partial molds 

1. Form a domed bridge in the tongue area.

 2. With Wonderfill in the tongue area, pour plaster/stone.

3. After plaster/stone fully sets, pop out non-sticky Wonderfill 

4. Using only water & a brush, remove the slight residue that might remain.


Fastest, Easiest Way to Fabricate Box & Beaded Impressions

Remedy for unlatching oversized boxed impressions using the Wonderformer.

Using Wonderfill and Wonderformer for Implant Application