Wonderadmix 1.5 gallons Kit By Dental Creations

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Become a super bubble buster with Wonderadmix! It’s easy to use, just add water prior to mixing with dry stone. Just mix as needed. Competitors pre-mixed products come in heavy gallon jugs. Wonderadmix comes in a concentrated formula which leads to very low shipping cost. Let’s you save storage space.

  • No more spray on debubblizers
  • Creates a smoother stone
  • Increases strength, hardness, & density
  • Prevents chipping & fractures
  • Controls shrinkage & expansion
  • Causes greater accuracy & fine margins
  • Increases PSI
  • Improves hydration
  • Eliminates the need for surfactants

    Quick and Easy to Use

    1. Insert 25ml syringe of concentrated Wonderadmix bubble buster into the 40 oz mixing bottle.
    2.  After adding 25ml of Wonderadmix, then fill the 40 oz mixing bottle full of water.
    3. Shake well before each use.
    4. After mixing and shaking well, use mixture of Wonderadmix and water in place of the recommended amount of water as directed by stone/plaster manufacturers.
    5. Number of uses is approximate and may vary.
    WARNING: Do not ingest Wonderadmix solution.