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Tecnoflask - Microwave Flask

The Tecnoflask Muffle will give your laboratory a cleaner environment and make the process more enjoyable for the production of your work. Included with the kit and available separately is the PL-100 protection plate, which extends the muffle’s service life with extra needed protection.

Features of Tecnoflask/ Technoflask include:

  • Acrylic material designed for use in microwave
  • Cannot be damaged by exertion of pressure
  • Polymerization time shortened to four minutes
  • Used in the making of total upper and lower dental prostheses
  • No isolating material needed between the muffle and the plaster
  • Does not require a specific resin
  • Increased removal of residual monomer
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Cleaner and faster than the traditional
  • High quality denture