Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler- Flight

IC# -

  • Dual Frequency Ultrasonic System - accepts both 25 and 30 K Inserts
  •  Automatically adjusts between 25K or 30K
  • Turbo Function controlled by a 2-position foot switch to provide extra power to remove heavy calculus
  • Detachable Autoclavable hand piece sheath
  • Individual water controll
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Tips can be rotated 360 degrees to reduce cord drag
  • Deigned for use in prophylaxis treatments
  • Provides a higher maximum power setting for patients with heavy calculus. 
  • The jump from low-power to high-power can easily be controlled by decrease in foot-pressure. 
  • An easy unscrew of the hand piece sheath will pop it into the autoclave. 
  • No down time due to the convenience of extra sheaths, therefore you can keep on scaling while one sheath is in the oven.


    • Frequency (25/30 Khz)
    • Voltage (110VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A)
    • Weight (2.6 KG)
    • Dimensions (8 X 16 X 24 cm)
    • Water Supply (25-60 PSI)