QUATRO - Ductless Fume Hood - “Monomer” Wall Mounted

IC# -
Wall Mounted Fume/Odor Extraction


  • Designed for use above monomer work area
  • Collects, neutralizes and removes all monomer fumes,smells and odors
  • Wall mount design (includes wall mounting bracket)
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Remote - Accepts Quatro standard remote switch or foot pedals
  • Wall mounted dust, fume, odor extraction
  • Infinite speed control
  • Brushless motor, no motor maintenance 
  • Made in Canada

No need to:

  • install duct work to outside wall
  • exhaust warm air in winter
  • exhaust cool air-conditioned air in summer

Ideal for Labs located in office buildings where it may be:

  • difficult to access an outside wall for exhaust
  • not allowed to drill through an outside wall
  • costly to install ductwork on the roof



1st Dust Filter 

2nd & 3rd  Dust Filters

4th Dust Filter 

40 (kg)


F007-BX (8/bx)

NC-GPC (4 refills)

F007-BX (8/bx)