QUATRO - DCS (Desktop Containment System)

IC# -

Specialty Air Purifiers, Dedicated Monomer Fume Removal

  • Eliminates ODORS, HARMFUL PARTICULATE MATTER AND VAPORS from migrating throughout the workplace
  • Place your chemicals inside the Desktop Containment Station
  • Open doors & switch on interior lights to work inside the cabinet
  • Close clear doors for monomer storage
  • Illuminated work area, variable speed setting, small footprint
  • Filter Access & controls conveniently located in Front
  • Designed for quiet operation

    DCS Small  PN: DCS-GE-M1 (c/w 14.5"h x 24"w x 17.5"d )

    DCS Large  PN: DCS-GE-M2 (c/w 24"h x 29"w x 20"d)

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