PANADENT - Magnetic PCH Articulator

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By Panadent

Features & Benefits

The model PCH articulator is a precision articulator which allows the transfer of dental casts from one PCH or PSH articulator to another. The model PCH has a curved incisal pin calibrated in degrees. The curved pin holder allows the tip of the pin to stay in the same location on the incisal table when the vertical dimension is changed on the articulator. The positive centric latch depresses the centric pin to keep the articulator in perfect centric relation for mounting procedures or the pin can be depressed by hand to verify the centric position. The unique Dyna-Links keep the upper and lower frames joined together during excursive movements.


Also please see  Pana-Mount_Face-Bow_Parts_Diagram  - for Parts replacement.

Code: #1610 AR




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