OMNICHROMA® Syringe - Universal 4 Gm/2.2 ml Refill Ea

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 Every Shade, One Choice

OMNICHROMA is the world’s first universal composite that esthetically matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade. Its uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers (260nm spherical SiO2-ZrO2) allow OMNICHROMA to match every one of the 16 VITA classical shades, a science that we call Smart Chromatic Technology.

Its wide colour-matching ability eliminates the shade-taking procedure, reducing composite inventory and saving doctors time and money.

  • OMNICHROMA is a single shade structurally coloured universal composite designed for use with most direct restorative clinical cases. Its wide colour-matching ability eliminates the need for a shade-taking procedure and reduces composite inventory.
  • OMNICHROMA exhibits the ultimate wide-range colour-matching ability, covering all VITA classical shades with just one shade of composite, thanks to TOKUYAMA’s Smart Chromatic Technology. The Smart Chromatic Technology is achieved through the uniformly sized 260nm spherical fillers included in OMNICHROMA. The scientific background and mechanisms of Smart Chromatic Technology are detailed in the following sections.
4g/2.2 ml syringe
Shade Type
Composition/ Ingredients Resin-Based
Cure Type Light Cure
Shade  Universal



Unprecedented shade matching ability - Shade matches both before and after bleaching - High polishability inherited from ESTELITE - Excellent physical-mechanical properties inherited from ESTELITE Indications: - Direct anterior and posterior restorations - Direct bonded composite veneer - Diastema closure - Repair of porcelain/composite

Instructions for use

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