MedEVAC MultiPure (Allergy-Free Bag Style) Intelligent, Health-Smart, with HEPA Filter By Quatro

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MedEVAC MultiPure (Allergy-Free Bag Style)
Intelligent, Health-Smart, with HEPA Filter

Item #: MMP-532FG-CH

Dimensions (HxWxL): 26x13x16 in (71x33x41 cm) · Shipping Weight: 73 lb (33 kg)
100-120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 A · Sound Level: 54 dB(A)
Filters: AG259-02 (2/box, larger quantities available at price discounts), F074
Motor(s): Infinity AR175 (1/box, 2 boxes required)

  • For sand, quartz, zirconia, ceramic, glass beads, aluminous oxide, alloys, resins, acrylics, gypsum, die-stone
  • High capacity, SEALABLE, easily disposable filter bags
  • Filter bags offer safe capture and containment for large amounts of debris
  • HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency on sub-micron particles
  • Double Hybrid INFINITY motors for extra power and prolonged motor life
  • Intelligent controls provide constant monitoring and maintenance alerts, “Bag-Full” pressure indicator
  • Low-profile fits under the counter
  • Easy filter access from the front
  • Interchangeable inlets (rear/top)
  • "Bag-full” pressure indicator
  • UPGRADE to eliminate Acrylic odour (#AG372-GPC), makes it ideal for denturists to capture both dust and odour at the source, when pouring/mixing acrylics, "salt & pepper" or "sprinkle" techniques, repairs and relining dentures
  • ASV ready: Auto-Start Valves #AA433-A11-25 help control airflow AND remotely start/stop the unit at each workstation
  • Also included: Hand-switch for 6 ft remote Start-Stop (#AA375), 3 separate inlets, 18 ft suction hose 1.5 in diameter
  • Optional: Acrylic Odor Filter (#AG372-GPC), Casters for mobility (#AA037), Silencer for noise suppression (#H250), Foot-pedal for 6 ft remote Start-Stop (#AA175), ASV Unit Cable (#AE750)