Lines™ - Coolant / Lubricant / Cleaner By Micrylium

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By Micrylium

Description:  The once-a-week solution for Dental Instrumentarium 

Usage:  Used to keep water bacterial counts below 200 CFUs (Colony Forming Units).  Can be used for continuous oral usage such as hygiene scaling, as a coolant and as a lubricant.

Features and Benefits:

•    Biodegradable, not a problem for the environment & local sewage systems
•    Anti - microbial (effective against Pseudomonas.aeruginosa)
•    Economical to use
•    Non-corrosive
•    Non-staining
•    User friendly
•    Patient friendly
Lines is kinder to staff and patients, alike, as all ingredients in Lines are USP/Food grade.

Lines protects staff from bacterial aerosols generated during ultrasonic scaling or the use of a high-speed hand-piece during patient treatement.  Lines is also very economical.  One bottle will fill approximately 166 metres of 1/8" tubing.  One ounce (30 ml.) of Lines per unit per week is enough to keep dental water lines safe and clean.

 Available in:

  • Case of 10 Bottles x 500ml
  • 5L MSDS