Impress Impression Trays - Clear 12/box

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Nine sizes (upper/ lower full arch models in: small, medium, and large, left and right quadrants, and anterior) to accommodate all your implant tray needs 

  • Implant ready /general purpose impression tray
  • Ideal for open tray implant impressions
  • Mark panel for removal
  • Pannels are easily removed with standard cotton pliers


    The Upper /Lower Full Arch Implant Impression Tray is an impression tray with an innovative design that features clear and easy removable panels to easily accommodate implant impressions. The Implant Tray™ is a solution to your implant impression needs because it helps you locate the exact place for an implant.
    In Addition, with our Implant Tray™ you can achieve accurate and efficient impression results. It is both easy to use and extremely intuitive that makes it a favorite tool for implant impressions.
    Also, it eliminates unnecessary guesswork and the time needed to drill out holes.

    Implant Tray™ Key Points

    • Implant-ready for use with both open-impression tray and closed-impression tray techniques
    • Clear plastic, for easy placement
    • Ergonomic handle, for increased support and leverage
    • Easy-to-remove panels (with cotton pliers) for superior accommodation of implant impression copings, saving you time on drilling
    • Compatible with facially angled impression copings, allowing ease of frontal perforation
    • Disposable, recyclable plastic