ThermoJect 22 Injection Machine (Holland Dental)

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The Holland Dental ThermoJect 22 is the injection machine which enables dental technicians to inject easily, efficiently and quickly.
In only 8 minutes the temperature will reach 290°C. The heating of the cartridge and the actual injection material is fully automated. It was our aim to work with precise temperature and pressure values so that the technicians will have predictable end results.

Technical specifications
•  Universal power supply plug available
•  50Hz – 60Hz
•  Available in 110V and 230V
•  Operational again after 3 minutes
•  Full automated heating and injection programme
•  Heating mode max. 20 minutes
•  Deviation of display temperature < 1%
•  Pressure adjustable from 6 – 9 bars
•  Operational in 8 minutes (from 0°C to 290°C)
•  Suitable for Ø 22 mm cartridges

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