Hager - Miratray® Implant Trays

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Implant impression tray with patented foil technique

  • Saves you and your patient an additional patient visit and laboratory cost 
  • Controllable and safe impression taking with clear view of implant posts 
  • Clean impression is taken as foil meets precisely at implant posts
  • No overflowing impression material
  • Customisable, user-friendly and cost-effective
  • Available in three sizes for maxilla and mandible (dentulous and edentulous)
  • Suitable for all implant impression materials and implant systems

Available in :

Intro Kit, Assorted - Upper & Lower (One of each sizes S, M, L) 6 x 1 pc. IC# 15943

Upper S1 - Small, Set of 6 pcs.  IC# 15944

Upper S2 - Medium, Set of 6 pcs. IC# 15945

Upper S3 - Large, Set of 6 pcs. IC# 15946

Lower L1 - Small, Set of 6 pcs.  IC# 15947

Lower L2 - Medium, Set of 6 pcs. IC# 15948

Lower L3 - Large, Set of 6 pcs. IC# 15949




Miratray Implant - Instructions for Use

Miratray Implant Use

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