Filpost™ Root Canal Post System – Titanium, Standard Package

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  • Filpost™ is an anatomically designed, passive-fitting, prefabricated post that offers preservation of tooth structure and enhanced retention of buildup materials
  • Can be bent and shortened to fit the tooth
  • Allows placement of 2 posts in molars
  • Made from pure (99.8%) titanium
  • Requires little, if any, removal of dentin to place
  • Fast and easy to place
  • Passive with exceptional retention
  • Minimizes potential of crown root fractures


  • Contains: 20 titanium Filposts and 1 universal FilLock groover
  • Diameter: 1.3 mm
  • Dimensions: 1.3 mm W x 17.5 mm L
  • Length: 17.5 mm