Filpin™ System – Retention Pin Refill, Standard Package - Universal

IC# -
  • To enhance the retention of all types of restorations by single or multiple root post and core build up.
  • Designed & engineered for faster and easier to place even in difficult cases, safer to place by reducing the risk of tooth cracking and crazing.
  • Has a  pure titanium self-shearing retention pins for both automatic and manual placement.
  • Stronger due to its special 47° thread form that crushes and displaces less dentin and causes less cracking & crazing.


  • Universal  - 0.60 mm/0.021"  Red Pack: SMALL 0.021″ (0.60mm) diameter each
  • Contains:  35 pure titanium Filpins 1 Filpin Universal Twist Drill
  • Large - 0.76 mm/0.027" Black Pack: Large 0.027" (0.76mm) diameter each
  • Contains:  35 pure titanium Filpins 1 Filpin Universal Twist Drill

How to Use:


Step 1

Latch the correct sized drill head (for your chosen size of FILPIN) onto a slow-spreed handpiece and make a pilot hole up to the drill’s self-limiting depth of 2mm. Repeat as necessary. NB: Ensure the pilot hole is drilled at a speed of 1500rpm or less. 

Step 2

Latch a FILPIN onto the handpiece and insert into the hole – hardly any pressure is needed to encourage the pin to insert. Once the correct depth of 2mm is reached, FILPIN will self-shear at exactly the right point. Repeat as necessary. NB: ENsure the pin is inserted at a speed of 1000rpm or less. 

Step 3

If required, bend the protruding pin/s to suit the restoration. Final build up of the restoration can now take place

Step 4

The Final restoration.

FILRATCH Pin-Inserter

For inserting FILPIN when the dentine is too soft or the depth inadequate as it gives excellent tactile control.