Compound Sticks 15/Box

SKU: 14765
Compound Sticks 15/Box  by Unique Dental Supply Inc.- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

Compound Sticks 15/Box

SKU: 14765
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Pleasantly scented and flavoured compound for taking full and partial impressions, and making preliminary impression trays.

Brown Medium Heat Compound:

  • Ideal for snap impressions
  • Working Temp. 125˚F - 135˚F (52˚C - 57˚C)

Red Low Heat Compound:

  • Maximum visibility of detail
  • Working Temp. 115˚F - 125˚F (46˚C - 52˚C)


Green Compound:

  • Widest working range
  • Renders sharp details
  • Will not fracture while trimming
  • Chill evenly w/out warping
  • Maximum contrast

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