Carbide Burs,Medium (Criss-Cross-Red) (Ea.) (Special Item)

IC# -
  • Used for finishing the surfaces of alloys made of precious metals, chrome-cobalt and chrome-nickel alloys and steel as well as for speedy rough machining of ceramic materials and imparting the shape and contouring.
  • Large diameter cutters can be used for machining wide surfaces and the correction of the bite. Cutters with a thin tip of the working portion are convenient for working between the elements of a denture.
  • The design of their cutting edges ensures the easy entry of the cutter into the metal in the conditions of the slight pressure onto the surface.
  • May be used by doctors for the correction of solid and metal-ceramic prostheses in clinical conditions while using the micromotor of his dental unit though it is not as powerful as the dental laboratory micromotor.



















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