AquaSpense Water & Special Liquid Dispensing Units

IC# -
  • Designed primarily for production of models
  • Ensures proper water powder ratio’s
  • Automating dispensing of water to powder takes the human error out of the process
  • Results in less re-work and increased profits
  • Programmable for up to 15 various gypsums
  • User will have the flexibility needed to standardize their lab processes for optimal product performance and results

For production of models and investment   

  • Dispenses both water and special liquid
  • Takes the guess work out of measuring the powder and the water/liquid ratios
  • Resulting remakes are virtually eliminated
  • Programmable memory up to 15 investments
  • Model Department: Dispense liquids such as
  • Gypsum Hardener or other enhancing liquids in place of the Special Liquids for Investment

Used with : VPM2 VAC-U-MIXERS By WhipMix  

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