Papilla Gauge

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The Papilla Gauge has been developed in order to assist in the accuracy of Denture Technique. The Papilla Gauge is uniquely designed (patent applied) in order to register the upper lip position in both a vertical and horizontal direction.

  • Measures the position of upper anterior teeth
  • Measuring accuracy reduces error and guesswork
  • Wide opening of flange allows clear visibility of the papilla
  • Vertical and unique horizontal scales prescribing tooth position in two dimensions
  • Easy to read laser etched scales
  • Easy one handed compact design
  • Suitable for both right and left hand use
  • Strong durable light weight construction
  • Used to measure lip and smile lines
  • Non rust, no dirt trapping plastic
  • Steam- autoclavable to 134°

Key Features:

  • Accurately measures in two scales vertical and horizontal in order to determine lip position.
  • Wide opening in order to allow clear visibility of the papilla.
  • Reduced buccal flanges in order to prevent distortion of the lip when measuring the horizontal scale.
  • Steam autoclavable to 134°C.
  • Easy one handed compact design.
  • Used in conjunction with Denture Gauge it can help prescribe predictable results.
  • The Papilla Gauge is especially useful if the old denture has been lost, allowing the clinician to provide meaningful information to the dental laboratory.