ADS - Perfect EZ Glaze Paste®

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Features & Benefits: 

Perfect EZ Glaze Paste® is a ready-to-use premixed glaze for specifically designed for zirconia and lithium disilicate all-ceramic restorations. Perfect EZ Glaze is a smooth glaze that allows the restoration to provide a beautiful glaze in one firing.

The pre-mix provides the exact consistency for every application. Perfect EZ Glaze Paste® is wear resistant, creating a protective coat and may be applied to polished zirconia. Unlike other paste glazes, Perfect EZ Glaze Paste® will not clump, get bumpy, or leave streaks. Perfect EZ Glaze Paste® provides a smooth glaze every time, allowing the ceramist to achieve a perfect glaze without losing the surface anatomy on the restoration.

Quantity: 3 gram jar