1671/3 Perimplantite Kit- Medesy Italy

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The bacterial aggression observed on the neck portion of the implants is similar to the bacterial aggression observable at the muco-gingival junction of the tooth. The stainless steel instruments may contaminate the titanium made implants while plastic instruments do not fully remove the
failing tissues around the implant. Hence the need of using instruments made of titanium, the unique solution for a real efficient and fully safe handling on and close to the implants sites. Blue colour for a simple and fast identification of titanium tips, from standard gray of stainless steel.
MEDESY Perimplantite kit includes: 4 curettes “Short Type” , 1 curette Columbia; 2 Scalers, 1 periodontal probe

The Kit contains:

  • 548/4 PT Probe CP15
  • 627/4 Ti Curette Columbia 4R/4L Titanium
  • 651/11 Ti Scaler H6-H7 Titanium
  • 669/5-6Ti.HL10 Gracey short type Titanium
  • 669/7-8Ti.HL10 Gracey short type Titanium
  • 669/11-12Ti.HL10 Gracey short type Titanium
  • 669/13-14Ti.HL10 Gracey short type Titanium
  • 980/9 Gammafix tray Doi
  • Tray Size : (H 35mm x W 185 mm x L 130 mm)