Idenco - Red Rider Cut-off & Finishing Discs

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Newly developed technologies have led to improvments in durability, efficiency, and comfort with finishing and cutting tasks using the Red Rider Discs.

We have incorporated the strength, durability and cutting efficiency of Alumina in the fabrication of the non-contaminating Red Rider Discs.

 Red Rider Discs For Metal: 

FRR38100           38mm x .6mm (100/PKG)
FRR29100           29mm x .5mm (100/PKG)
FSTM100             22mm x .25, Super Thin (100/PKG)

 Red Rider Discs For Ceramic:

FSTC100              22mm x .25mm, Super Thin (100/PKG)
FRR25C100         25mm x .6mm (100/PKG)
Finishing Crown& Bridge Finishing Ceramics Finishing Metal

    Red Rider Discs:

    • Cuts and Finishes all alloys faster than conventional discs
    • Lasts longer, even on hard chrome alloys
    • Reduces heat build up
    • Increades durability, high resistance to breakage
    • Reduces metal waste
    • Reduces unpleasant odors
    • Eliminates black lines on porcelain surfaces
    • Ideal for cutting sprues from pressed Zirconia

     Red Rider MSDS




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