Arti-Fol metallic Complete 12µ - black/red-BK 328

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By: Bausch 
Features & Benefits: 
    • Arti-Fol metallic Complete BK 328 combines the proven Arti-Fol metallic film black/red with a new and hygienically perfect cardboard holder. 
    • Due to its special shape, Arti-Fol metallic Complete can be used individually on the left or right side or together for the entire dental arch. 
    • One package contains 100 holders, 10 of which are hygienically sealed. 
    • The unique combination of a high-tech metal foil (Shimstock foil 12µ) and a two-sided colour coating with micro-fine ground colour pigments enables clear visible marking of all occlusal contact points.
    • Arti-Fol metallic Complete BK 328 marks contact points precisely and clearly on occlusal surfaces made of different materials and on natural teeth.
    • The material enables efficient occlusal adjustments, even on occlusal splints (bruxism) in static and dynamic which can be marked consecutively with only one foil due to the two different colours. 
    • Made in Germany

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