Leading Dental Materials for 3D Printing

    Complete digital dentistry solution for 12 indications in a range of 30 NextDent biocompatible materials. 

    The world, fuelled by rapid technological advances is changing faster than ever.  One of the most dynamic fields today is 3D printing and NextDent by 3D Systems is leading in this exciting 3D printing innovation in dental technology and dental care industries.

    You are without a doubt familiar with the unlimited opportunities offered by 3D printing. The good news is that dental care professionals now also get to benefit from this technology thanks to NextDent CE-certified and biocompatible materials. These materials allow you to print trays, models, drilling templates, and temporary crowns and bridges. And growing, as NextDent adds new materials for dental technology and dental care industries to its range regularly.

    Unique portfolio of 3D printing materials

    So what makes NextDent unique? It is an exceptional selection of dental 3D printable materials, making them fitting for a wide range of purposes. NextDent 3D materials are biocompatible and CE certified in accordance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, listed at FDA, and registered in various other countries. NextDent offers materials in a variety of colours, according to the daily use and the preferences of your customers.

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