Roland Milling Solution

Choose Your Wet and Dry Combo
Save on a Continuous Milling Solution

Choose from a DWX-42W + DWX-52D combo or a DWX-42W + DWX-52DCi combo and make huge savings on superior milling technology that dramatically increases your output. With dedicated wet and dry machines, you can continuously mill zirconia, PMMA, glass-ceramic, and composite resin materials without changeover and loss of production time.



Combo Price $US You Save $US
DWX-42W + DWX-52D 
$44,995 $10,495
DWX-42W + DWX-52DCi
$50,995 $13,495


Please contact us for details. 

ACT FAST!  - This is a Limited Time Offer.

Terms and conditions. Promotions valid through 9/30/20 in North and South America excluding Brazil. Pricing reflects US MSRP. Pricing may vary for Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Contact an Authorized Roland Dealer in your area for details.


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