DWX-52DCi - Dental Mill with Automatic Disc Changer by Roland

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The ultimate in ease, material flexibility and unattended production, the DWX-52DCi dental milling machine with automatic disc changer increases your lab production & profit. With a 6 slot Automatic Disc Changer, 15-station Automatic Tool Changer & other automated features, it provides users of all skills and levels an exceptionally powerful, economical & affordable dental restoration solution. 

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  • Automatic Disc ChangerLoad the 6 material adapters with any combination of material discs to suit your needs. Assign them with milling jobs and let the automatic disc changer do the rest.
  •  Automatic Tool ChangerLoad the 15-station ATC with a variety of diamond coated, carbide and DGSHAPE by Roland hybrid tools to continuously mill jobs in different materials and multiple shades of zirconia without stopping production.
  • Intelligent Tool ControlPart of the simplified VPanel operation, an Intelligent Tool Control (ITC) function automatically swaps out tools that have reached their user-defined lifespan with a designated “partner tool” without needing to pause production.
  • 5-Axis MillingA smooth and steady ball screw-driven system provides superior milling results – simultaneously rotating and tilting discs for deep undercuts and also milling large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.
  •  Automatic Air Pressure ControlAn automated regulator eliminates the need for manual air control adjustments by changing air volume based on material data via the CAM software.
  •  Intuitive Software for Added Milling ControlDWINDEX software that enables users to plan, identify and manage indexing operations to assert improved control over machine productivity. It offers data accumulation and analyzation for the following key features:
    • Operation time per tool
    • Operation time per disk
    • Operation time of the unit (day/week/month)
    • Error log
    • History of materials used
    • History of deliverables
  •  User Replaceable SpindleThe DWX-52DCi features a spindle that can be replaced in a matter of minutes, without needing to call out a technician. No special tools, testing or training are required.



The DWX-52DCi dental milling machine now comes with performance visualization software and other intelligent updates. Power it on, let it go, and automatically mill numerous dental restoration jobs with complete unattended confidence.


  • 1. Increase productivity overnight and during the weekends with a dental mill that continues working, even when your lab is closed.
  • 2. Load up-to six different 98.5mm disks with an easy-to-use adapter system and mill material discs in succession– an optical barcode system optimizes workflow to manage multiple shades of zirconia and PMMA materials.
  • 3. An Automatic Disc Changer (ADC) enables continuous milling of traditional materials as well as gypsum, PEEK, glass fibre reinforced resin, composite resin and CoCr sinter metal material discs and blocks. It also optimizes user workflow by milling different shades of zirconia at once.
  • 4.Mill jobs without stopping production with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) that features up-to 15 tools that swap-out automatically.
  • 5. A convenient built-in storage drawer combines with an included adapter rack for efficient organization and storage.
  • 6. New DWINDEX performance visualization software helps you run a more productive and efficient business by accumulating and analyzing your data.
  • 7. Six pre-loadable material adapters that combine with an included adapter rack for efficient organization and storage— cue up your zirconia, glass fibre reinforced resin, composite resin CoCr sinter metal and other material discs.

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