exocad DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina New Release is Out Now!

DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina at a glance

New features, more automation and seamless integration

Packed with more than 60 eagerly awaited features, the new release DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina takes digital dentistry to a new level. Upgrade now to benefit from the major improvement in automation and integration, better visualization, improved pre-operative treatment planning and more!

The main new features of Exocad DentalCAD® 3.2 Elefsina:


New features, more automation and seamless integration

  • Preparation margin repair tool enables you to make the most out of imperfect intraoral scans: fix margins to get an acceptable result despite artifacts or holes in the scan
  • Save time with Auto Articulator for automatic dynamic occlusion (Requires add-on module)
  • Integration of compact milling machines: select your preferred block and start production seamlessly from within your CAD software (Requires add-on module)
  • Switch tooth libraries while keeping previous setup

Elevated Smile Creator for better visualization and pre-operative treatment planning

  • Design smiles with virtual gingiva for superior outcomes
  • Design smiles based on patients‘ natural teeth
  • Improved 3D-to-photo alignment: adjust 3D view to match rendering to the camera‘s focal length

 Bite Splint Module offers more design speed

  • More automation in bite splint design
  • Design bite splints for both arches simultaneously

    iTero-exocad Connector™ redefines seamless workflows

    • Lab/doctor collaboration: doctors can now share external case-related files (images, videos and X-rays) via MyiTero™ portal
    • New bi-directional case communication lets you share designs in 3D
    • Validate margins with iTero intraoral camera images and visualization of tooth structure with iTero NIRI images

      New beta feature: post and core

      • Design post and core restorations
      • A crown matching the core can then be directly designed

      DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina
      at a glance


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