Desktop Containment Systems

Ultra quiet, LED illuminated, bench-top design prevents odors, particulate matter, vapors and harmful chemicals from spreading throughout the workplace.

The Desktop Containment Systems help protect the operator's breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes and particulate. These containment systems are used for a variety of applications, including chemical fume control, powder & dust removal, solvent vapor control, pharmaceutical powder filling, light grinding, acid gas fumes, anesthesia gas containment, epoxy fume control, and many more applications that produce particulate and fume.

The Desktop Containment Systems are equipped with powerful fans that pull the air in through the hood's inlet and into the filtration system. The multi-stage filtration system uses customized filter configurations of pre-filters, HEPA filters and chemical filters, depending on the chemical vapors and/or particulate generated. Because the air is recirculated, no exterior ducting is necessary. 

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