Mill Box




Your future for any kind - of dental milling

MillBox is the premiere dental CAM solution developed for milling any any restoration across a vast array of CAD/CAM materials. Equipped with a simple, yet powerful & easy-to-use interface, the software takes all the work out of nesting cases, taking you from nesting to milling in 3 simple steps.

It is highly customizable & fully featured to support standard and ad-hoc milling strategies according to your mill’s specific capabilities. MillBox uses predetermined libraries while affording you the flexibility of building your own strategies. MillBox also offers synergistic manufacturing workflows featuring both additive and subtractive technologies (Make&Mill).

Designed for dental lab technicians, clinicians, milling centers, mill makers and any users seeking a CAM that is constantly innovating and improving. MillBox also boasts specialized features for high production environments leveraging Artificial Intelligence and system automations.

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