DOF - UDS Workshop and first UDS customer installation - Oct 6, 2017!

We would like to announce a Great Workshop that DOF & Unique Dental Supply Inc. held  on Oct 6th 2017 and was instructed by Felix Chung, B.SC. Eng.

It was a great learning workshop with insightful information of how the 3D Freedom HD Scanner will benefit the Dental Technician on day to day operation.

At the Workshop the participants were able to experience  a live demonstration of scanning and designing of a full arch implant case using the DOF Freedom 3D HD scanner and ExoCad for designing. Also main features of the DOF 3D scanner and key designing elements of ExoCad were covered.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Felix Chung for the support of the first customer installation of the DOF product!

For Future workshops and any questions about this New and truly amazing product please contact Unique Dental Supply Inc. by Email: or by phone: 905-532-0554 

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