DOF 3D Dental Scanner Workshop!

Join us for a Workshop with Felix Chung from DOF Dental Scanners

Date: Friday, July 21 (9 am – 3pm)

Call NOW to Register! 1 (888) 532-0554 or email us

Spaces are limited!

To register please call (905) 532-0554 or fill-in the Following Form and Fax or email it to:

Fax (905) 532-0704 | E-mail:

DOF Workshop

The Freedom HD is a premium scanner with DOF's very own Stable Scan Stage (SSS) method patented technology. The SSS method allows for the camera to provide movements over the scanned part. 

The Freedom HD is now more precise with 2.0MP cameras which provides even better data with sharper margin lines. 

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