CAVEX Alginate, the Ultimate Impression Material

Thanks to the latest developments and advanced production methods, this tried and tested impression mass is increasingly enjoying a deserved popularity.

The Cavex alginate impression products discussed here form part of an outstandingly efficient and well thought-out range of products which combine with supplementary agents and resources to constitute a total product system.

Cavex CA37
The ‘gold standard’ of the Cavex range. A stable alginate, available in a fast or normal set. This versatile product forms the basis of the worldwide success of the largest alginate developer and producer.

Cavex Orthotrace
Because of its exceptionally fast curing and stable consistency, this alginate will not flow into the pharynx and is therefore ideally suited to taking impressions from children who must undergo orthopaedic jaw surgery. Its pleasant fragrance and ‘cool’ red colour also definitely contribute to the overall appeal of this special alginate. 

Cavex Impressional
Thanks to the exceptional combination of outstanding elasticity, compression resistance and detail reproduction (25 μm) this material is ideally suitable for taking impressions of metal frames and/or undercuts. And just as with other Cavex alginates, around 35 imprints can be made from a 500 gram package of Cavex Impressional.

Cavex ColorChange
This material – with a 25 μm detail reproduction and a colour change system (from lilac to white) – cures in the mouth within 60 seconds. Being a ‘fast set’ alginate, it is particularly elastic and crack resistant. It can also be stored for no fewer than nine days without any loss of dimensional stability, making it a reliable alginate for cases when the length of time the impression is in transit may need to be slightly longer, for example, if a foreign laboratory is involved.

Cavex Cream Alginate
This is the latest product to join the Cavex alginate family. It mixes to a smooth and creamy mass which ensures a detail reproduction of 5 μm; approaching the performance of silicone-based products thanks to its imprint-technical and physical properties. This alginate can be scanned, and even if used as a ‘normal setting’ product it cures in the mouth in only 90 seconds, thereby meeting all the essential requirements of current dental practice.


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