2 DAYS HANDS-ON COURSE by Brian Carson Efficient Denture Setups Using NFP Method (with Tribos 501 Teeth)

Unique Dental Supply Inc. with  Gebdi (Germany) & Panadent-(USA) are glad to invite you to take part in the 2 Days Hands-On Course:

Efficient Denture Setups Using NFP Method (with Tribos 501 Teeth)

 by Brian Carson, CDT


Brian Carson, CDT

The owner of Signature Dental Studio located in Fayetteville, NC. He is a second generation certified technician and has specialized in removable prosthetics with over 13 years experience in the discipline. Brian is active with the North Carolina Dental Laboratory Association and is currently serving as Immediate Past President. He received NCDLA’s Rising Star Award and was honored with the NCDLA’s Merit Award.

Brian has also received training in Engen, Germany for total prosthesis construction and is a current advisory board member to the laboratory program at Durham Technical Community College. He has authored several technical articles to include the “Masters Workshop,” which was featured with Inside Dental Technology October 2011 entitled “Creating Stability and Maintaining Age Appropriate Esthetics”, and March 2016 JDT issue,“Efficient Denture Setups Using the NFP Method.”

Brian feels that understanding the different philosophies within the art of removable prosthetics has given him an insightful and unique perspective.


The participants will have an understanding of different communication tools that will increase chair to bench efficiency, using the Kois Facial Analyzer and transferring in to Panadent Articulating System. The Participants will set up a completely balanced full upper and lower denture, using the Gebdi-Tribos 501 teeth, to include waxing of the denture base while replicating nature.We will also describe what is esthetic in regards to tooth morphology, emergence, and the illusion of natural teeth; occlusal concepts via the Natural Functional Prosthesis, also known as the NFP concept; and learn about natural wax up, colorization, and clean processing techniques.


Unique Dental Supply Inc. - 21 Bradwick Drive, Unit 1, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1K6


Friday:        Oct 28, 2016 8 am - 2 pm

Saturday:   Oct 29, 2016 8 am - 4 pm

Please Note: that the spaces are Limited. Registration is needed to reserve your spot.

To register please call (905) 532-0554 or fill-in the Following Form and Fax or email it to:

Fax (905) 532-0704 | E-mail: orders@udscanada.com

We look forward to welcoming you at Unique Dental Supply Inc.!


• The NFP book by Dieter Schulz (valued $89)

• Set of teeth 1x28 (valued $140)

• Points: 16

Sponsored by : 

Gebdy (Germany)  www.gebdi-dental.com and Panadent (USA)  www.panadent.com


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