1 Day HANDS-ON Course: Efficient Denture Setups Using NFP Method, by Mark Chan, DD

Unique Dental Supply Inc. with  Gebdi (Germany) & Panadent-(USA) are glad to invite you to take part in the 1 Day Hands-On Course:

Efficient Denture Setups Using NFP Method, Tribos 501

 by Mark Chan, DD



Mark Chan, DD

Received his diploma from Denturism in Toronto at George Brown College with
honours. Currently Mark is practicing in Ontario with a main focus on high-end
removable and implant prosthetics. With a passion for both technical and clinical
techniques he is certified in Bio-logic, BPS and SDC denture concepts and is a
ZunstZhanWerk "Art of Denture" award winning Denturist, he is a sought after consultant and opinion leader in the  Denturist and Lab community.


 The participants will have an understanding of different communication tools that will increase chair to bench efficiency, using the Kois Facial Analyzer and transferring in to Panadent Articulating System. The Participants will set up a completely balanced full upper and lower denture, using NFP method and Gebdi-Tribos 501 teeth.

We will also describe what is esthetic in regards to tooth morphology, emergence, and the illusion of natural teeth; occlusal concepts via the Natural Functional Prosthesis, also known as the NFP concept; and learn about natural wax up, colorization, and clean processing techniques.

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