Denture Gauge Kit

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Features & Benefits

  • Define tooth position by pinpointing the tips of the incisor teeth, relative to the papilla, by means of a vertical and horizontal measurement prescription.
  • Transfer information as numerical readings between surgery and laboratory via the Alma Denture Gauge sleeve template.
  • Determine the full width of the arch by using the sleeve template.
  • Prescribe bite rim sizes.
  • Prescribe the position of the teeth for try in.
  • Allow the technician to customise each stage of the work to prescription.
  • Allow easy checking of the flasking procedure for accuracy.
  • Make for easy evaluation of relines, rebases and copy dentures.
  • Assist in duplicating techniques where required.
  • Allow old worn dentures to be improved and modified where required and not simply to be used as a copying system.

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The Kit Contains:

  • 1 Denture Gauge
  • 25 x Gauge Sleeves
  • 1 Marker Pen
  • Instructions for use

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