Taub Products- Minute Stain Kit

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Features & Benefits 

Minute Stains are quick setting colored acrylic liquids that are applied by brush to modify the shades of provisional and permanent acrylic and composite restorations. The stains cure and bond to all dental resins, including ethyl and methyl methacrylates, bis-acryl resins, polycarbonates, vinyl methacrylate copolymers, resin crowns and laminates, denture base, acrylic denture teeth and composite resins. Minute Stains can be applied in or out of the mouth

Kit Sizes 

  • Small Kit: 6cc bottles of Yellow, Grey, Cervical, Clear Glaze2 Thinners - 1/2oz, Brush & Slab.
  • Large Kit: Brown, Yellow, Cervical Blend, Pink, Grey, Blue & White6cc bottles, Clear Glaze - 1/2oz, 2 Thinners - 1/2oz, Porcelain Slaband assorted brushes.