Removable Denture Kit by Roland

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Kits for Digital Denture Milling of Partial-Dentures, Full-Dentures, and Model Creation

1. Removable Denture Kit

2. Model Kit 

With Time Reduction Kits (TRK) from DGSHAPE, produce molded gypsum or acrylic based materials for accurately milling partial or full-denture bases, as well as models, using your DWX-52D, 52DC, and 52DCi dental mill.

  • Removable Denture Kit reduces in-house finishing time for full dentures and partial denture applications
  • Affordable materials combine with precision denture milling for a more cost-effective and accurate solution
  • The TRK digital workflow saves time and cost when compared to traditional and 3D printing methods

Two-Easy-Kits and Three-Easy-Steps

 Removable Denture Kit


Using a kit that includes specially-designed silicone molds, polymerize an acrylic and monomer mixture to create acrylic material discs for milling with DWX devices.

Milled Base Model

Removable Denture Kit

Mix & Pour

Measure self-curing or cold-curing liquid or powder in a measuring cup, vibrate the mixture while pouring, then add into the denture base mould.

Denture Base Kit Milling


Place mould in a pressure pot to polymerize then remove the cured material disc from the mould.

Denture Base Kit Milling


Set the material disc in the TRK fixture and place the fixture in a milling adapter to mill a partial or full denture base on a DWX device.

Kit Includes

Silicone mold for denture

Full-Arch Silicone Mold

6 Moulds

With your choice of cold-curing liquid or powder, create resin blocks for milling.

Denture Base Fixtures

TRK Fixtures

3 Fixtures

Special fixtures allow acrylic disc insertion into your disk adapters.

Silicone Plates

Silicone Plates

3 Plates

For placing on top of the mould during polymerization.


Denture Base Tips

50 sets

Combine with the silicone mould, prior to pouring for disc adapter integration.

Pre-roughing tool

2.0mm Flat End Carbide Tool

1 Tool (ZRB-100D)

A specially designed burr to significantly reduce roughing time with DWX technologies.

Specifications: CA-DK1

Compatible Models DWX-52DCi, DWX-52DC, DWX-52D
Compatible CAD
  • Full Denture Design Module / 3Shape
  • Full Denture Module / exocad
  • DWOS Full Denture / dental wings
Compatible CAM
  • MillBox / CIMsystem
  • hyperDENT / FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group


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