NiteBite Night guard 5/pkg

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Features & Benefits:


  • Night guard for relief from nighttime clenching, grinding, tension and pain, relief from symptoms of TMJ, TMD anti bruxing device. Less than 2mm thick, Custom fit. Intro Kit contains 5 occlusal guards.
  • Designed to help people who clench and grind teeth and have associated symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain
  • Patented and FDA-cleared device
  • NiteBite effectively relieves jaw, head and neck pain, long associated symptoms of TMJ disorder
  • Comfortable, less than 2 mm thick, fits within the freeway space without creating contact with the lower teeth when the patient's jaw is at rest
  • Unique design uses proprioception to trigger the jaw opening reflex which allows the mandible to return to the rest position where the jaw muscles are in a state of relaxation