C&B MFH (Micro Filled Hybrid) 1kg by 3D Systems NextDent

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By Next  Dent

Health Canada Approved!

Balancing opacity and translucency perfectly

NextDent C&B Micro Filled Hybrid is a biocompatible Class IIa material* developed for crowns and bridges. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin gives the material its high strength and wear resistance.

The material is easy to finish and polish and can be stained with all types of composite staining kits. Due to the perfect balance between opacity and translucency the printed crown blends in perfectly between the existing teeth. Available in colours BL, N1, N1.5, N2, N2.5 and N3.

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Property Requirement Result ISO standard
Flexural strength ≥ 50 MPa 107 ISO 10477
Sorption ≤ 60 µg/mm3 54 ISO 10477
Solubility ≤ 12,5 µg/mm3 5,9 ISO 10477
Biocompatibility Non-cytotoxic Comply ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Non-mutagenic Comply ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Not induce any erythema or edema reactions Comply ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Not a sensitizer Comply ISO 10993-1
Biocompatibility Not cause systemic toxicity Comply ISO 10993-1

The material is available in 1 Kg containers.