Copaliner® Cavity Varnish and Sealant

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Copaliner® protects the dentin and penetrates, fills, and seals the tubuli. It insulates against thermal, galvanic reaction, electrical shock, and prevents hyperemia, death of the pulp, and discoloration. Copaliner® provides a strong bond and an excellent marginal seal that will extend the life of the restoration. Its non-chloroform formula is scratch-resistant and virtually insoluble in the oral environment. Over time it will develop dentinal tags for improved performance.

Copaliner® is ether-based with a biologically mild formula, minimizing post-operative sensitivity. CAN ONLY BE USED UNDER AMALGAM.

Varnish and Solvent Kit contains:

– 0.5 oz. (14ml) Varnish
– 0.5 oz. (14ml) Solvent