Alginate Syringe

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Features & Benefits

Helps protect the operator against accidental metal spilling from the whirling crucible. For use with either short or long arm machines. Made of steel with baked enamel finish. Base is drilled for attachment to bench. Base measures 24" x 24",with the drum 23-3/4"W x 11-1/2"H. Comes with instructions for assembly. Optional cover provides extra protection. (Machine not included.)-

A Unique product specially designed to reach difficult areas and assist in the accuracy of taking alginate impressions.

  • Ergonomic design fits comfortably into the hand
  • Angled body face assists in easy loading of the alginate, within normal alginate working time
  • Reduces retch reflex
  • Nozzle designed for easy access to difficult areas delivering the optimum amount of alginate
  • Suitable for use with range of commonly used alginates

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  • Alginate Syringe
  • Instructions 


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