Abutment Kit (AK-1)

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Mill Custom Titanium Abutments

With a better fit and greater overall esthetics, custom titanium abutments are fast becoming the standard choice for dental implant and lab businesses. The AK-1 Abutment Kit accessory for the DGSHAPE DWX-42W wet mill brings the production of custom abutments in-house to make the process faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective.

  • A simple yet elegant solution that connects a DWX-42W mill with AK-1 attachments for custom abutment milling
  • Eliminates the need and cost of outsourcing with a low cost per unit at an estimated $98 versus $175 outsource cost
  • Adds a popular and profitable new wet-milling application for new or existing DWX-42W owners

Custom Titanium Abutments

Using a kit that includes specially developed accessories and tools, mill custom abutments in just 3-easy-steps with the DWX-42W.


Switch Out Tray

1 Switch-Out Tray

Replace the regular tank with the special AK-1 titanium tray.

Connect AK-1 Material Adapter

2 Connect AK-1 Material Adapter

Connect your choice of AK-1 material adapter* to the work material holder

*Material Adapter Sold Separately

Mill and Complete

3 Mill and Complete

Insert and attach the pre-milled titanium block, output your milling job and complete.


AK1 Kits


Applicable model DWX-42W
Supported CAD 3Shape, exocad, Dental Wings*
Supported CAD MillBox / CIMsystem*
Product configuration AK-1 (Primary set) Tray with special-purpose filter, three types of special-purpose milling burs, torque screwdriver, receptacle tray, hexagonal wrench, replacement filters, manual
AK-1-GE / ME / NT (attachment) 3 types of material attachments GE: GeoMedi; ME: MEDENTiKA; NT: NT-Trading
Productivity Processing time 50-80 minutes / tooth (Depends on form)
Milling bur replacement time ZTB-150D: 15 hours
ZTB-100D: 3 hours
ZTB-50D: 8 hours
Consumables ZTB-150D / 100D / 50D S Special-purpose milling burs R1.5mm (Φ3mm), R1.0mm (Φ2mm), R0.5mm (Φ1mm)


Download Your AK-1 Brochure

Get your digital guide to the features, applications, benefits and specifications of the AK-1.

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