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Kits for Digital Denture Milling of Partial-Dentures, Full-Dentures, and Model Creation

1. Removable Denture Kit

2. Model Kit 

With Time Reduction Kits (TRK) from DGSHAPE, produce moulded gypsum or acrylic based materials for accurately milling partial or full-denture bases, as well as models, using your DWX-52D, 52DC, and 52DCi dental mill.

  • Removable Denture Kit reduces in-house finishing time for full dentures and partial denture applications
  • Affordable materials combine with precision denture milling for a more cost-effective and accurate solution
  • The TRK digital workflow saves time and cost when compared to traditional and 3D printing methods

Model Kit

Using a kit that includes specially-designed silicone moulds— pour, cure and harden gypsum material to create material discs for milling with DWX devices.


Denture Base Kit Milling

Mix & Pour

Measure gypsum and water in a container, mix and pour into a full-arch or quadrant silicone mould.

Denture Base Kit Milling


Wait for the mixture to harden and then remove the hardened gypsum material disc from the silicone mould.

Denture Base Kit Milling


Set the material disc in the TRK fixture and place the fixture in a milling adapter to mill a model on a DWX device.


Kit Includes

Full-Arch Silicone Mold 3 Full-Arch Molds

Full-Arch Silicone Mold

3 Full-Arch Molds

With your choice of gypsum materials, create full-arch gypsum discs for milling.


Denture Base Fixtures

TRK Fixtures

3 Fixtures

Special fixtures allow gypsum disc insertion into your disk adapters

2.0mm Flat End Carbide Tool

2.0mm Flat End Carbide Tool

1 Tool (ZRB-100D)

A specially designed burr to significantly reduce roughing time with DWX technologies.

Quadrant Silicone Mold

Quadrant Silicone Mold

3 Quadrant Molds

With your choice of gypsum materials, create partial gypsum discs for milling.

Leveling Spatula

Leveling Spatula

1 Spatula

Create a level surface on your mold after pouring the plaster.

Specifications: CA-MK1


Compatible Models DWX-52DCi, DWX-52DC, DWX-52D
Compatible CAD
  • Dental System 2018 ver.1 or later / 3Shape
  • Model Createor / exocad
  • DWOS Model Builder / dental wings
Compatible CAM
  • MillBox / CIMsystem
  • hyperDENT / FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group

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