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Unique Dental Supply Inc. is proud to become a NextDent dealer in Canada. We are very excited to introduce 3D Printing evolution to dental professionals. Please contact us for more details to start using this amazing 3D Printer and materials!

The NexDent 5100 3D Printer powered by revolutionary Figure 4™ technology combined with NextDent’s broad portfolio of dental materials addresses multiple indications, resulting in unparalleled speed, accuracy, repeatability, productivity, and total cost of operation.

Leading Dental Materials for 3D Printing

The world is changing faster than ever. Fuelled by rapid technological advances. One of the most dynamic fields is 3D printing. NextDent by 3D Systems is leading in this exciting new 3D printing innovation, for dental technology and dental care industries.


  • 3D Light Cure Print Box by 3D Systems NextDent 3D Printing by Next Dent- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    3D Light Cure Print Box by 3D Sy...

    $2,550.00 IC# - 17811

    By Next  Dent Revolutionary UV Post-Curing The LC-3DPrint Box is a revolutionary UV light box, suitable for post-curing 3D printing materials. Th... Read more >>