Burs & Discs

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  • Tooth Arrangement Bur Diamond Burs (HP) by Yamahachi- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    Tooth Arrangement Bur

    $49.99 IC# - 16858

    For improved working efficiency in artificial teeth arrangement process. Fast process of teeth arrangement with no need to replace the bur. Max Rotation... Read more >>
  • Typhoon Burs 1/4 - Lathe Burs Lathe Carbide Burs by Foredom- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    Typhoon Burs 1/4 - Lathe Burs


    Long lasting Max. speed 25,000 rpm Made in USA Read more >>
  • Universal RRX-Toothing Cutting Burs (Ea) Carbide Burs (HP) by Acurata- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    Universal RRX-Toothing Cutting B...


    Universal cutter for all metals, resin and composite   Features & Benefits Special staggered toothing with a right-wound transversal cut creates v... Read more >>
  • White Bur / Ea. Carbide Burs (HP) by Yamahachi- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    White Bur / Ea.

    $59.99 IC# - 16857

    Suitable for resins , mouthguards and softliners Long Lasting Made from Zirconia Max Rotation speed: 35,000 rpm   Read more >>
  • Wire Bur Cleaning & Scratch Brushes Bue Cleaner by Buffalo- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    Wire Bur Cleaning & Scratch ...

    from $9.99

    Stiff steel wire brushes 3" long Ideal for cleaning burs     Read more >>
  • Zirconia Contouring Kit of 5 pcs Zirconia Polishers Pre-Sintered (CAD/CAM) by META DENTAL- Unique Dental Supply Inc.

    Zirconia Contouring Kit of 5 pcs

    from $9.99

    Ideal Contouring Kit for use with pre-sintered Zirconia. This contouring 2-in-1 abrasive/polisher will solve the problem of switching burs while doing ... Read more >>